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The Soulmate Path

by Farber & Zerner

 NOW $7.95

In The Soulmate Path, Farber and Zerner describe the path they walk every day. It's a path that any of us can walk, whether we're looking for love or looking to improve the relationship we're in.

In Part One, a moving, insightful, frank, and often funny account, they share their own stories--from meeting and falling in love, to beginning to work together, to dealing with the stresses and challenges that inevitably occur. With every story and at each step of their journey, they offer readers secrets to practice in their own lives.

Part Two offers readers 36 lessons to remember when attracting and developing a relationship. Because Monte and Amy are so well-known for their oracles, they also made a way for the reader to consult these lessons to answer questions they may have, following the principle that the Universe gives us what we need. And, in Part Three, the couple share what may be the single most important aspect of traveling the soulmate path--the art of laughter.

In all of their work, Monte and Amy create a unique and sacred synergy that heals, inspires, and empowers.


Va-Va Voodo: Find Love, Make Love, Keep Love 
by Kathleen Charlotte  
NOW $7.50

How many professional therapists can put together a powerful mojo bag or an intoxicating love perfume to attract a mate? As a relationship counselor and a Voodoo initiate, Kathleen Charlotte offers the best of both worlds in her refreshing, witty, and magical guide to this crazy little thing called love.

Va-Va-Voodoo introduces five key Voodoo Lwa or "angels," including Baron, the spirit who loves spicy rum and cigars, and La Siren, an ocean goddess of seduction and sensuality. Readers learn how to "feed the spirits" and request their help in attracting a lover, finding "the one," keeping a relationship steamy, or recovering from heartbreak. A perfect blend of practical magic and inspiring, down-to-earth advice, this one-of-a-kind book includes magic rituals, charms, aphrodisiacs, and spells, as well as helpful relationship tips regarding communication, self-esteem, intimacy, sex, break-ups, and forgiveness


Love Colors

by Pamela Oslie

NOW $6.50

In her bestseller "Life Colors, " psychic Pamala Oslie explained that auras contain important clues to personality traits. In her new book, she shows how these remarkable energy fields can help readers find the perfect soul mate. Using simple self-tests, readers first discover their aura's color and the colors of a potential life partner. The book provides honest descriptions of each aura, explaining both a color's advantages and its deepest flaws. After readers define what they're looking for in a relationship, the book helps them understand what type of person best suits them. It then suggests ways to meet and attract their perfect color match, or to improve an existing relationship. With this new insight, readers become more accepting of themselves and others, learn effective methods for changing unwanted behaviors, and discover new paths to healthy, fulfilling romantic relationships.


Simple Pleasure of Friendship: Celebrating the Ones We Love

by Susanna Seton

NOW $4.95

The newest addition to Seton's popular Simple Pleasures series, this guidebook is full of stories, heirloom recipes, and gift ideas. "Simple Pleasures of Friendship," which began when Seton sent out a call for stories about friendship, reminds readers that friendships are the prime ingredients in a life well lived.


Excuse Me, Your Soulmate is Waiting

by Marla Martenson

NOW $7.95

Using the best-selling book Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting as her bible, Marla Martenson teaches readers how to practice the Law of Attraction to find their true soul mates.
Martenson helps her clients and now her readers attract their soul mates using four fundamental steps:

1. Name what you DON'T want.
2. Name what you DO want.
3. Feel what you want
4. Allow it to happen.

With each step, Martenson offers Soul Mate Assignments, practical dating advice and strategies that readers practice so they can magnetize and energize their feelings to attract the perfect partner.

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200 Spells For Bath & Beauty

by Edain McCoy

NOW $7.50

Possess a magickal allure that is truly legendary You have to wash your hair anyway, so why not create your own shampoo with magickal ingredients and turn a mindless chore into a powerful ritual for viewing past lives? Since before recorded time, women have performed spells using perfumes, hair brushes, mirrors, lotions, masks, and face coloring. These spells not only sought love but conferred protection, purified the spirit, opened the psychic senses, and prepared the woman for sacred ritual. Enchantments shows you how to reclaim the conviction that beauty already exists in each of us as daughters of the Goddess. Now you can witness this magickal transformation in yourself as you make your own fertility soap, use a hair braid to attract a lover, or enact a glamour spell to draw the eyes of everyone in the room


Vampires In Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire Voices

by Michelle Belanger

NOW $7.50

"There's no book available on the vampire culture today with the range, depth, and diversity of Belanger's Vampires in Their Own Words." Katherine Ramsland, author of Piercing the Darkness and The Science of Vampires
"Belanger gives empathetic access to an emergent new magical-religious community . . . An important sourcebook for both the scholar and inquiring public." J. Gordon Melton, Director, Institute for the Study of American Religion, and author of The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead
The code of silence has been broken For this anthology, vampire Michelle Belanger convinced nearly two dozen real-life vampires to break the code of silence that has kept their fascinating subculture shrouded in secrecy.
Sometimes provocative, sometimes surprisingly down-to-earth, these candid firsthand accounts come from both psi vampires who feed on energy and sanguine vampires who drink actual blood. Their true stories shed light on a variety of topics, including awakening to vampirism, the compulsion to feed and feeding practices, donor ethics and etiquette, and vampire traditions and codes of behavior.





By Candlelight :

Rites For Celebration & Prayer

by Janina Renee

NOW $7.50

Fire has always been a source of mystery, warmth and light, making it an excellent focal point for family or group gatherings. But the candle—with its single, contained flame and soothing scent—is especially conducive to the enhancement of family rituals and group rites, according to Renée, a student of psychology and ritualism for more than 30 years. Starting with the motion of striking a match and lighting a wick, candle lighting offers an intentional pause—signaling the unconscious mind to focus on spiritual forces. "The flame of a candle can represent the fire of life and spirit... [or] each person's ability to bring light into the world," she writes. By concentrating on the flickering flame, it becomes easier to shut out the distractions and reach a more relaxed "alpha state," making creative insight more likely to occur. Considering the ritualistic power and popularity of candlelight, it's not surprising that someone devoted a book to it. What is surprising is how well this one works. Renée offers 87 non-denominational and inspirational candle rituals for specific situations, such as managing stress, attracting love, greeting a new moon and creating world peace. Each entry includes prayerful phrases to say aloud as well as suggestions for what color candle to use and essential oil scents that will enhance the ritual. Her appendices are especially resourceful, covering the meanings associated with different colors (for instance, light blue represents peace in the home), the uses of essential oils, and home altars.**



They Don't See What I See

by Ruth Berger

NOW $7.50

Ruth Berger was afraid of ghosts. For many years, she refused to acknowledge their presence — resisted their presence — even though she had long known of her psychic abilities and made her living as a standup psychic and medical intuitive. When ghosts started to interrupt her shows to give her messages, Ruth finally realized that it was time for her to acknowledge them. She discovered she could use her rare ability to speak to the loved ones of those who had passed on.
Berger tells us there are two main reasons why ghosts contact the living. The living need them. Or the dead need the living to do something. Berger shares actual stories of her conversations with ghosts and how she used those episodes to help the living and the dead. Meet Ellen, a hospitalized 11-year-old whose dead grandfather comforted her after she was abused. And Mary, whose husband contacted Ruth from the grave to prevent their daughter’s suicide.
With her no-nonsense style, down-to-earth stories, and helpful hints, Berger demonstrates how almost anyone can learn to listen to the voices that might be trying to reach them from beyond. Each chapter provides steps to "see what I see" to develop channeling abilities. They Don’t See What I See also includes tips to prepare for channeling and methods to use while channeling to avoid contacting evil spirits.





Walking The Twilight Path

(A Gothic Book of The Dead)

by Michelle Belanger

 WAS $16.95

NOW $9.95

Walking the Twilight Path introduces a unique spiritual path of personal transformation and rebirth. But first, you must venture through the gates of death.This mystical journey is for pagans, witches, goths, and anyone attracted to the beauty and mystery of deaths necessary and natural transition. Drawing on the wisdom of Shamans, Tibetan Buddhists, and ancient Egyptians, Michelle Belanger illuminates death as a gateway to change and re-generation. Meditating on gravestone sculptures, creating a necromantic medicine bag, keeping a personal book of the dead, and other exercises will help you explore the vital, transformative forces of death. On this life-affirming journey, you will visit the "Otherside," reach out to spirits, and become a walker between worlds to bring healing and empowerment.



 Faith & Magick in The Armed Forces

(A handbook for Pagans
in The Military )
 by Stefani E. Barner
 WAS $15.95
NOW $9.95
An Invaluable Guide for Pagans in the Military Faith and Magick in the Armed Forces provides practical guidance and genuine support to military Pagans and Wiccans as they proudly serve our country. Many issues that face Pagan military members and their families are explored in depth, practicing their faith, relocation, overseas deployment, preparing for combat, returning as veterans, working for peace. Religious freedoms, legal issues, and rights are clarified, and resources for help are given. Faith and Magic in the Armed Forces offers knowledgeable advice, helpful rituals and meditations designed specifically for the military experience, and candid interviews with Pagan service persons and their loved ones. Respectful and straightforward, this one-of-a-kind handbook is essential for Pagans serving in a predominantly Christian military.


Nocturnal Witchcraft: Magick After Dark

by Konstantinos


Nocturnal Witchcraft presents techniques for working with nocturnal and lunar energies and the ancient gods and goddesses of the darkness; the symbolic realm of shadow, illusion, death, rebirth and the mysteries of the unknown.

For those who prefer to practice magick after dark this comprehensive book is for you.


Raising Witches:

Teaching the Wiccan Faith to Children

SAVE $5 ! NOW 12.00

More and more Wiccan families are looking for specific advice about raising their children in the faith. Here is the first book to give parents the means to teach Wicca in a more formal fashion than just "chatting with the kids" around the kitchen table. Featuring a Wiccan curriculum for each of the five age groups, this book offers a variety of sample lessons and both a structure and a prototype for readers who want to develop

"Sun Day School" or "Moon School" classes.

Includes charms, spells, songs, and guided meditations in addition to practical ideas for educational activities. It includes a glossary and a recommended reading list as well. Featuring detailed discussions of how children grow and learn so that Wiccan parents can teach their tradition effectively, Raising Witches finally gives parents the means to communicate the rudiments of their faith to their children.


Wicca: Guide for Solitary Practitioner

by Scott Cunningham

SAVE $5! NOW $11.00

Wicca: Guide For Solitary Practitioner is a positive, practical introduction to the religion of Wicca. Cunningham presents Wicca as it is today - a gentle, Earth-oriented religion dedicated to the Goddess and God. Wicca is a book of life, and how to live magically, spiritually, and wholly attuned with Nature.

This is a positive, practical introduction to the religion of Wicca, designed so that any interested person can learn to practice the religion alone, anywhere in the world. It presents Wicca honestly and clearly, without the psuedo-history that permeates other books. Includes the authors Book of Shadows. If you find this book enlightening, also check out Cunningham`s Living Wicca.



 Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft

by Raven Grimassi


Whether you`re looking for a description of "Witch marks," the words to the classic verse "Invocation of the Horned God," or the magical meaning of a rooster, you can find it in this comprehensive encyclopedia of Witch history, theology, and lore.

Craft Elder and author Raven Grimassi has revised and expanded his indispensable reference work, the award-winning Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft. The first book of its kind to be written by a practicing Witch, this guide presents Wicca/Witchcraft as a spiritual path, connecting religious concepts and spirituality to both a historical background and modern practice. With a wealth of information on European folklore and Western Occultism, and material relevant to any tradition, you can us this book to research any aspect of the Craft.



Grimoire of the Green Witch

by Ann Moura


Grimoire of the Green Witch is a complete Book of Shadows. The first portion contains the basic Craft information and a variety of rituals that begin with a Circle Casting, proceed to a ritual, return to a simple feast called Cakes and Wine, and end with the Circle Opening. The second portion contains the information and formats for spell casting, tarot and other divinations, and herbal teas, oils, and baths. Here there are also a number of lists of correspondences, spell crafting information, some spells, and a bit of astrology.





Hedge Witch

by Silver Ravenwolf


With Hedge Witch get a fast and fun jump-start on the Hedge Witch path with a little help from the immensely popular Silver RavenWolf. This gifty guidebook has everything a new Hedge Witch needs, arranged in an easy-to-follow format. At the core of the book is a fourteen-lesson, hands-on guide that readers complete at their own pace, interacting with different aspects of nature in simple yet powerful ways, i.e., performing the Night of the Starry Sky ritual.

 The lessons, which can be done alone or with a group, culminate in an inspiring dedication ceremony. A handy reference section offers tips, formulas, recipes, and helpful hints on topics such as soap making, tea leaf reading, butterfly garden magick, and organically growing your own herbs.


  Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches

by Charles Leland


Today, a great amount of debate exists over whether Aradia was an authentic representation of Italian Witchcraft at the time Leland published the manuscript. Some go so far as to argue that Maddelena never really existed. While it is true that Maddelena"s involvement with Leland cannot be proven, the fact remains that even with its uncertain origin, Aradia is one of the most important manuscripts available to the Pagan community.

Even if it does not reflect the ideology of a hidden tradition of Italian Witchcraft, it most definitely presents such a powerful message that, even today its words are repeatedly found throughout Pagan literature. In fact, it is the foundation for one of the most powerful and well known documents in modern pagan lore,

" The Charge Of The Goddess ".


Buckland`s Book of Saxon Witchcraft

by Raymond Buckland


Book of Saxon Witchcraft is one of the first books ever to explore Wicca from a solitary perspective, is back with a new introduction by Wiccan elder Raymond Buckland. Originally published in 1973 as The Tree.

Buckland`s book of Saxon Witchcraft offers seekers a complete introduction to the solitary practice of Saxon Witchcraft or Saex-Wicca. A truly indispensable book for solitary practitioners looking for a solid introduction to Wicca from a respected elder.


Complete book of Witchcraft

by Raymond Buckland


In Complete Book of Witchcraft the author teaches history, practice, composition, forms, the mechanics of magick, herbology; in short, each and every aspect of the practice of Wicca. He also shows how you can structure the religion to suit your particular needs. It is the perfect book for the serious student, the newly forming coven, the Solitary Witch or simply the curious.


Celebrating the Seasons of Life 1:

Samhain to Ostara


Unique among books about the Wiccan Sabbats, Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Samhain to Ostara takes a different approach to explaining the holidays by looking in-depth at half of the Wheel of the Year. Rather than dissecting each holiday, Ashleen`s goal is to take a broader look at them, explaining how and why we celebrate each, along with how the celebration of one leads to the next. This first of two new titles from Ashleen offers a vision of the holidays we celebrate from October to March, including:

Samhain (October 31st), Yule (December 21st), Imbolc (February 2nd),  Ostara (March 21st)

Celebrating the Seasons of Life; Samhain to Ostara first gives the history and original customs of each holiday, then explains its place in modern life. Stories are shared for each Sabbat, to reconnect us with our lore and bring new meaning to current practices. Ashleen includes examples of rituals that are ideal for practicing solitaries, covens, or Wiccan families, with special sections on what children of various ages are ready to learn about these holidays. Celebrating the Seasons of Life is conveniently complete with Circle-casting directions for groups and individuals who don`t have a usual way, or would like to try something new. It`s brimming with original material that can be used by any practitioner to refresh or embellish his or her rites, including recipes and creative touches to capture seasonal fun without forgetting the significance of each Sabbat.


Celebrating the Seasons of Life 2:

Beltane to Mabon


The stories of the Sabbats help us to reconnect with our lore and bring new meaning and twists to our current practices in a variety of ways. Unique among books about the Wiccan Sabbats, Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Beltane to Mabon gives us the history of each holiday and explains its place in modern life. Through it, you can discover a variety of rituals that are ideal for covens, solitaries, and Wiccan families, including several sections on what children of various ages are ready to learn about these holidays:

 Beltane (May 1st), Litha (June 21st), Lammas (August 1st), Mabon (September 21st).

This second volume of Celebrating the Seasons of Life explores Wicca`s relationship with other religions. Wicca is the largest and best-known Neo-Pagan religion, but it is not the only one. Indeed, Northern Paganism (Asatru) and Druidry share its traditions. Do you know which Runes are associated with Summer Sabbats? Are you aware of the Druid associates with them? Celebrating the Seasons of Life acknowledges these links and incorporates material designed to emphasize these religions` shared heritage. As straightforward as conversation between friends and illustrated with line drawings and photos, Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Beltane to Mabon shares the author`s distinctive perspective of Wicca. It is clear and comprehensive enough for the initiate, yet lively enough to belong on the experienced practitioner`s bookshelf.



Living Wicca

by Scott Cunningham


This book (the sequel to Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner) is for those who have made the conscious decision to bring their Wiccan spirituality into their everyday lives.

This book takes a philosophical look at the questions practices and differences within Witchcraft.

It discusses the benefits of daily prayer and meditation, making offerings to the gods, how to develop a prayerful attitude and how to perform Wiccan rites when away from home or in emergency situations.


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